Terms and Conditions

Dear Client


When ordering, please ensure you have the following:

  1.  Quote for the job you require
  2. Correct ordering form –  it is better to use the order form as we have all the information you need to be filled in, like job info, billing information, delivery info etc. If the info is incorrect on the order it make cost you extra on artwork, so you want to ensure it is correct.
  3. You will need to pay a 50% deposit or a minimum of R2000 before any printing will be done and the rest before delivery of goods. We will only start printing once your money is reflected in our account or we receive a deposit with the approval.  We will only start printing once your money is reflected in our account or we receive a deposit with the approval. We will only start printing once the money is reflected in our bank account.


When receiving your proof, it is your responsibility to sign it off correctly – i.e. what you sign off is what you get.

Please use the following guideline when checking your proof.

1. The proof is an electronic duplication of what will be printed. In addition there may be an enlarged copy for viewing.

2. The Proof is for viewing purposes and to check that all details are correct. It has been saved as a lower resolution and may appear to be slightly blurred.

3. When checking please consider that the following points are correct;

  • Company name, details, name and surname.
  • Any additional details or wording that appears should or should not be there.
  • Is the spelling, grammar and positioning of the text correct?
  • Are the images in the correct place and of a suitable size?
  • Is there information or images missing? If they do not appear on the proof then they will not appear on the  printed item.
  • Do your photos face the correct way? Some photos are flipped.
  • Is everything that should appear on the proof there?
  • Does the reverse side appear on the proof?
  • Does the proof coincide with your order correctly?
  • Have we understood your requirements correctly?
  • Are you happy with the colours presented to you on the proof? We work to colour calibrated screen and print to densitometer. Unless a client takes a high resolution proof at R300 or supplies a colour break down we will not accept responsibility for incorrect colour.

4.  Although CCC double checks your signed off proof to ensure that nothing is missed, The onus ultimately lies with the client to ensure that everything is correct before signing off the proof. Your signature is an indication to go ahead and continue printing. The proof should be signed off regardless of whether or not it is a reprint, however if the information differs from the proof, or it is a fault of thedesigners, the clients signature overrides all and is final say when going to print. Please ensure that all is correct before signing off as reprints can be costly.

5. Do not take for granted that the job has been printed before. All jobs are based on there own merit are treated as a new job each time.

6. Should you require additional emails or colour proofs, please indicate so clearly on the proof without signing it off and then fax it back. Should there be any additional costs occurred this will be added onto the clients invoice.

7. If you are satisfied with your proof and wish to continue, please sign in the block indicated next to the proof and fax back to 011 680 9225 or 0866 727 013. No email acceptances can be accepted.

8. If there are minor changes, please indicate what they are clearly, and then sign off and fax back. In this case CCC will make the changes and continue to print accordingly. Should you require an additional proof please make the changes and DO NOT sign the proof off? Please note that should the information have changed from the original order there may bean author’s correction charge.

9. If there are major changes (CCC discretion), we will supply another proof to be signed off regardless of whether or not the original proof had been signed off.

10. CCC creates artwork based on an order and specs supplied. Should additional changes be made to artwork this may result in an author’s correction charge of R 200 per hour with a min of R 50 per time.


  1. Please note that jobs are based on a first come first serve basis. We encourage you to sign off and fax back your proof ASAP to avoid delays.
  2. Please check and confirm that we have received all approvals.
  3. General turn around time on printing jobs is 7-10 working days on received approval of artwork.
  4. If you are unsure of the size, paper or finishing of your job please consult our offices in writing before signing off the proof.
  5. All agents and COD clients are requested to ensure that there full payment of 50% deposit (as negotiated with sales) is paid when sending approvals through.

Should you have any queries, it is best to call our offices and then follow up with written confirmation.

We endeavour to ensure that we supply the best print result in the least amount of time. We thank you for your support.

Warm Regards

Clear Colour Concepts


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