Logo Redraws and Image Resizing

Logo Redraw

Your logo is one of the most important visual aspects of what distinguishes you from any other company. Having a neat and high quality logo says allot about how you see yourself and what impression you are trying to your clients. We at Clear Colour would like you to look your best, but low-res logo’s or badly drawn logo’s are a no-no. If we print logo’s on your printed material, what does that say about us as a high-quality printing company?

Our best suggestion is that if you have a low resolution logo or a sketch, let us transform your logo into a vector logo, that can be used at any size and better yet, we sill supply the logo in various formats and give it to you on a disk or via download for you to keep and use! Making you look like a super duper company that actually knows what they are taking about!

Logo redraw prices are available on request.

Logo Redraw

Image Resizing

Your best chance for a good image is to have a professional photographer take the images and supply them in the highest resolution. However there are times when an image if good enough to start off can be resized within reason for a larger application. This generally occurs when you need an image for a billboard or large format. We are able to increase the size by virtually painting the image and from the distance this image will appear high resolution. This service is rendered at our own discretion as some images cannot enlarge, and thus will require a redraw or a retake of the image.


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