10 of the Most Interesting Business Card Designs

Your business card does not have to be complicated to draw attention. The design and print, however, should work together to make the card memorable, worth keeping and worth sharing. We have shared links to 10 of the most interesting business card designs to inspire you in coming up with creative ways to make your cards count. Our design and print teams can help make your vision a reality.


  1. Bakery Business Card

This card looks like a cookie. This one, however, is edible. It might not be the best idea since the receivers will quickly eat the card and be left without your contact details. Embossing can used to create the lettering while the edges are cut into the shape of choice on cardboard rather than making it edible.




  1. Stretching Business Card

Printed on stretchable fabric, the business card is perfectly suited for advertising the services of a personal trainer. The printing process involves lithographic printing on fabric.




  1. Copper or Gold Edged Business Card

If you are advertising financial services, investment consulting or perhaps you are a jeweller designer, you will benefit from having a pack of gold edged business cards to place at various strategic points. The printing process involves the normal full colour gloss lithographic printing with gold edging.




  1. Piano Repair Card

Ever thought you would be able to make a service such as piano repair or perhaps house repair appealing? Using the normal print full colour option you can have a design on cardboard thin enough for folding into a piano or a house to advertise your sales or repair services. Let our design team help you create your own foldable type card.




  1. See Through Event Photographer Card

This one is worth listing amongst 10 of the most interesting business card designs because of the material printed on. It appears as a camera lens with all the necessary details on the card. Lithographic printing is applied to a plastic transparent surface.




  1. Yoga Training with Holes

This design allows for two holes where you can place your fingers to have the legs bend over completely. It is certainly a design that will make the receiver share the card with others. It entails normal business card printing with punching of two large holes.




  1. Tear-off Divorce Lawyer Card

With straightforward printing this card is well-suited for any divorce lawyer business. It tears off in the middle through a perforation strip. With such you can have the information on both sections and thus ensure that the receiver can keep the one part and give the other section away.




  1. Embossed Card Design

The design stands out because of the embossing effect. It gives a professional appearance and can be used in any industry where style is a prerequisite.




  1. Clapperboard

The card design is effective because it includes the full details of the company with the reverse side open for comments. This is a design suitable for movie houses, record companies, and video stores. Normal double sided matt printing is all you need.




  1. Simple Die Cut for Effectiveness

What makes this design make the list of 10 of the most interesting business card designs is its simplicity. It advertises Salt and has holes representing the salt shaker head. The print method involves lifting of the lettering through die cut while the holes are made through a punch machine.



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