Effectiveness of Product Development Using Printing Avenues for Small Business Owner

Although the traditional magazine and newspaper ads are not as popular avenues as the internet for product development, small business owners simply cannot afford not to have great visibility in their particular geographical areas.

True, the internet is the number one avenue for product development, especially nationally, but for the small business owner, immediate visibility is often the key element in their marketing success. This means that product development using printing avenues isn’t dead yet and will not be for a long time. With such, we mean that the small business owner should use the opportunity to negotiate better advertising rates in magazines and other printed media.

Apart from advertising, the small business owner can create excellent product visibility by attending markets, where they use the opportunity to hand out business cards, brochures, fridge magnets, calendars and their own printed catalogues. They use the local markets not so much for selling their products, but for getting leads to their websites, and to their retail or office locations. In addition, they launch their new products at such markets where the vendor prices are reasonable, especially when compared to the larger trade exhibitions where they have to compete with well-known brands.

At such markets, signage will be important. The entire booth should be branded, while the product labels should clearly distinguish the business from that of competitors.

Vinyl vehicle stickers are another way for developing awareness about a new product. With the vehicle decals, people from various locations see the ads. They get enough time to read the promotion or to memorise the product and web address or phone number displayed, especially while stuck in peak hour traffic.

Printed media is still a winner when it comes to visibility. With pole ads, displaying short, but effective product messages, the passing motorists become familiar with the product name and overall brand. Add to such the effectiveness of banner ads and promotional items, such as stickers, magnets, printed shirts and company magazines or catalogues, and the business is well on its way to carving a niche in its particular target geographical location.

Proper signage is essential, in addition to the occasional leaflet distribution, and personalisation of promotions. By personalising the give-away items, the small business owner is able to build a large loyal customer base.

The above being said, the most effective product development using printing avenues is the one that integrates offline marketing and online marketing. With such, the business cards, banners, vehicle vinyl decals and other printed media must all lead the reader to the social media or website pages for comprehensive information and competitions.

Catalogues are still relevant today, because people enjoy having the printed catalogues at hand. When the small business owner thus exhibits at a sponsored event, at their store location or at a trade show, it becomes essential to have enough printed material available to provide the visitors with information about the available products.

Add to the above the ability to use roll-up banners, X-banners and flags to promote a product name at exhibitions, and one can understand why it is still important for using printing avenues in product development in the modern business environment.

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