Building a Brand Using Printed Media – Advice for the Small Business Owner

You don’t have to be one of the Fortune 500 companies that can afford large digital ads. If you are a small business owner, building a brand using printed media, such as business cards, brochures, magnets, calendars and company reports, will be an excellent start.

Indeed, research has shown that because printed media is used less than online media for the purpose of building a brand that printed promotions stand out better. A banner ad on the street corner, promotions through leaflet distribution and product give-aways, as well as correx board ads, are highly effective in getting a brand noticed locally.

The notion that internet marketing is the only way forward has left a gap in the market. Businesses using the opportunity to send out calendars, personalised postcards and brochures thus benefit, because people notice their marketing efforts. However, branding is more than marketing. It is about the entire image of the business, which includes the logo, envelopes, letterhead, labels, banners, product designs, service style and general culture of the business.

Small businesses, more than large businesses, benefit from usage of printed media in the sense that such allows them to connect with their immediate communities. Branding becomes a way of doing business. The business owner that invests in 500 full colour business cards with their Facebook, Twitter and website addresses clearly displayed successfully manages to integrate offline branding with their online image. With such, the business is no longer just visible on the internet, but becomes a familiar brand because of its visibility through printed media.

The Basics Required

Starting out – every business needs business cards. The cards are handed out at every business meeting, are distributed at relevant outlets and used for reference purposes by customers. The next important printed media in branding is the letterhead. Without a proper letterhead, the business will struggle to portray a professional image. By having letterhead printed paper ready, the business ensures that all paper communication adds to their branding efforts.

Once the basics are in place, the business owner should think about visibility, such as vehicle magnets to brand their vehicles, and thus ensure that wherever their vehicles drive that people will notice their brand. For marketing purposes, the business should consider cost-effective ways, such as:

  • Banners that can be used for specials.
  • Correx board ads for municipal pole advertising.
  • Fridge magnets and calendars as promotional items.
  • Pull-up banners for exhibitions, quick promotions and workshops.
  • Teardrop banners to draw attention to product launches.
  • Vinyl stickers for promotions and for company branding on products.
  • Window sticker signage for more visibility.
  • Company signage for street visibility.

Other forms of professional branding with printed media include the block mounts, which add some flair to the company’s image and help to ensure longevity of the branding messages, in addition to brochures, coffee table type company profiles and regular distribution of leaflets.

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