The accuracy of your corporate colours is very important when creating a brand that will provide longevity. All businesses that have a logo, should have their Pantone Colours aswell as their CMYK conversions which is your Full Colour breakdown.

PANTONE™ is a colour standardisation system, and is the most widely used and the one that most printers and manufacturers understand.

PANTONE™ provides you with the tools and insight to make your work be precise, beautiful and brilliant.

There are 644 Pantone Colours available, ask us about creating your correct pantone colour and step into out offices to have a look at our Pantone Guides.



Colours make an impact

The correct matching of colours, in Pantone and CMYK separate the serious businesses from all the rest

Brand First

A strong brand is a consistent brand, be bold and use the correct colours, and logo markings so people will remember you.

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Lazer Engraving and Cutting

Laser Engraving is the process of using a laser to burn an image that looks debossed or cuts a hole or edge into an items like paper, wood, glass, perspex, felt, leather, aluminium and stainless steel.  Meticulous detail can be achieved and the darkness of the burn...


The image is pressed onto material using both heat and pressure. The image is defined by a metal plate that is the exact replica of your logo or any other image. Once the image is debossed it creates a permanent depressed image on the item you have branded. This...

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