In a South African climate, we are the products of a very steep inline between a world that was limited and this new world, where we are speeding to the future in a rapid rate. Creativity and potential has never been so great in this country and the sooner we see this, the bigger our potential to build it into our business’s.

Knowledge is a true power, the more we learn, the more we grow. We need to ensure that we can develop businesses that will make us as complete now and in 10 years time and that it will be something that people will want to be part of and live with, just like Black Cat Peanut Butter, Coke, Mrs Balls and Mnet the brands we grew up with. We need to become business owners that learn constantly to remain relevant.

I recently started a course on, a fantastic platform where industry professionals share their knowledge in short 1-4 hour courses, with classes being as little as 5 minutes. I love it because it costs -+R100 and it is nothing compared to the value. The class that I started is with Seth Godin,  The Modern Marketing Workshop.

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The major difference that Seth Godin teaches is to build a brand that will be a new best friend to your customers. All great sales people will agree that sales is never about the the product it’s about the people, it’s about relationship nurturing. Building strength of relationships with clients is all the hardwork. So how do you do it with branding and marketing of your own business. What does your business feel, taste, smell and experience like?

Seth discusses topics such as how to build a brand using packaging, placement, the story of your business/product, how to develop what he calls a “Tribe” around your offering, how to be personally engaged in your customers and steps on how to do so. This is a marketing course in short.

I invite your to learn..

An Online Skillshare Class by Seth Godin

Happy Learning
Lee-ann Duarte

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