Too often with the way that Microsoft Word and other programs that have so many design features, people find that it is easy to give a  design brief visually, however make no mistake, this is no substitution for the real design and creative thought processes, you still need a designer .

Too often people are confused by what branding actually means. Branding is not just the visual aspect of your business., in fact that is a very smd`3all part. To read more on branding see here.When you are briefing a designer there are important details that you will need to communicate – this will fall into the amazing simplicity of the who, why,  what,  when, where and how. These are determined by your Branding.u my have not thought out the briefing processes thoroughly before creating the idea for your artwork. A good designer knows the subtlety’s between design, psychology and sales. It is their job to communicate this visually in such a way that the design un-behest to the viewer has planted the message without saying is in so many words.


Who are you? – your business, your industry, your strengths, your weaknesses?

Who are your competitors? Their competitive advantage, their weaknesses?

Who are our clients? what age are they, what are their habits, why do they buy your product?


• What is your unique selling proposition?

• What are your aims and goals for the project?

• What end project are you hoping to create?

• What will be the dimensions and the quality?

What is the material that it will need to be supplied?

What is the information that you will need on your project?

(best supplied correctly, free from spelling mistakes in word)


Why are you creating this project?


When will you need the project completed by?

When will the goal need to be achieved?

When would you like delivery? – is is available in the service level contract?


Where will the person need to make contact?

If it is an event or occurrence where will it take place?


How would you like your artwork or printing supplied to you?

How will you be contactable?

How will your spread your budget?

These are the broadest however for a downloadable briefing form, please click here


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