Popular Products for Start-up Businesses or Entrepreneurs

The most popular products for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs are:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Car Magnets
  3. Pull-up Banners

Business Cards

Business cards are essential products for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs, because every conversation with a potential customer ends with the handing out of a business card. Whenever people enquire about the business or service offerings, they want a business card for future reference. These cards can be placed at various related businesses, attached to brochures, included in information packages and hand distributed.

The business card is the first and most important item to be printed and should thus be a priority if you are an entrepreneur. We offer regular specials on full colour business cards, enabling you to make a good first impression without breaking the bank in the process. Benefit from the free artwork on the reverse side, UV glossing and superior quality. Print 250 or 500 cards and get your business off to the right start.


Car Magnets

Visually attractive and highly visible car magnets are also amongst the most popular products for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs. The magnets are affordable and can be removed without leaving marks on the vehicle. The contact details, business brand and logo are highly visible and will be seen wherever the vehicle is driven or parked. With such you build brand by investing in advertising material that’s highly visible.

You most probably will drive around town often and people in the market for your specific product or service will be able to write down the contact details or website name. In this way you get customers without direct selling. Make use of our online printing system for optimal convenience in getting your car magnets printed. We use high-strength magnets to ensure longevity and thus more value for your money.

In addition to the magnets, consider using the vinyl stickers for cars which are printed on clear, reflective or white vinyl. These stickers come with a five year guarantee.

Pull-up Banners

Easy to setup pull-up banners are the third most popular products for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs. The banners are lightweight in design and allow for high quality graphics to be displayed professionally. You can use the banners at tradeshows, outside your office, indoors at workshops, in retail settings to advertise specials, at sponsorship events or at product launches. The banners are portable, reusable and storable.

Simply use the roll-up system to erect or close the banner. You don’t need any technical knowledge for setup and have the assurance that the banner will look great for years to come.

We provide from wide to double sided pull-up banners and printing thereof in addition to the X-banners which are smaller and cheaper than the pull-up banner systems. We also supply Extreme 3 or tear-drop banners.

Other products to consider if you have a start-up business include:

  • Window stickers or signage using vinyl or contra-vision.
  • Correx boards to use on pole advertising and for real estate signs.

Give your start-up business a professional image. Make use of our printing services and specials on business cards, car magnets and pull-up banners.

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