An internet presence is essential today; however, people still visit shops, go to events and look for proper signage when browsing for service providers. In our experience, people need to see feel and touch, they need experience your brand. For these exact reasons, you should not miss out on opportunities for building a brand using printed media.

Top Five Tips for Building a Brand Using Printed Media

To help simplify things for you, here are a few tips below on building a brand using printed media effectively in order for you to get a better return on your offline marketing investments.

Stick to Simple

The moment you add too many graphics, use complicated fonts or try to market several products at once, you will dilute the effectiveness of the advertising. This applies to banners, stickers, magnets, brochures, magazine ads and any type of offline marketing. You have limited space to work with and require a balance between the wording and background. Stay focussed and avoid clutter as such will make it difficult to read and since people are normally busy or sometimes just lazy, they will ignore the brand message altogether.

Planning Helps to Reduce Costly Mistakes

You need a coherent look and feel across board and by planning your ad campaign you can save on design costs. Determine the purpose of the campaign and each of the printed vehicles you will use; they should all work together to create a strong brand message. This will save you money and add to effectiveness in the long run.

Use Clever Layout

Fewer words and graphics, as well as larger headlines help to sell more. Minimise the need to read for people through well-structured and bold headlines that will be easy to remember. Creating a design that looks good as a whole as well as the smaller elements will allow for this.

Decide on the Right Media

Choose the right print medium for every type of ad campaign. Flyers are money savers, but if your flyers do not land in the hands of your target audience, due to the place they are being distributed at, e.g. municipal regulations etc., consider printing posters that can be strategically placed. If it is a real estate advert, you should opt for the Correx board ads, flags, gazebos and t-shirts, which can stand out and attract real attention. Brochures and catalogues are well-suited for exhibitions where people will want information they can take home. People still want to hold and feel a catalogue when ordering. Think ahead and choose a combination of printed media for optimal branding effectiveness.

Finally – use your money wisely and effectively. Select an experienced print and design company such as Clear Colour Concepts to help you design and brand cost-effectively with printed media.

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