Deliver Your Message with On-Demand Magazine Printing in Johannesburg

Digital printing has made it possible to offer on-demand printing services ranging from booklet to magazine printing.  Based in Johannesburg, we offer our services to you wherever you are located. Thanks to email, internet, fax and telecommunication technology, you no longer have to visit the printer offices. We can deliver anywhere in South Africa.

If you thus need magazine printing services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or any other city in South Africa, simply give us a call or contact us via the online form to help you create a professional magazine. To help you benefit the most from our services, we provide a few tips on magazine printing below.

Simply provide us with the PDF file and contact us for information on the best way to deliver artwork to us. This will ensure that the magazine can be printed within 24 to 48 hours. With on-demand printing you don’t waste money in printing thousands of copies simply because the printers don’t do small runs. Indeed, you can even print a family magazine or just a few for your company’s in-house communication.

When thinking of magazine printing, don’t limit your imagination to the conventional magazines you see on the shop shelves. You can use magazines as a way to promote your company or as glossy catalogues of your products and services. If you run an estate agency, you don’t have to be limited to advertising online simply because printed advertising is so expensive. Publish your latest listings in your own branded magazine and place the magazines at selected outlets for more exposure. In this way you don’t compete with other real estate agencies to get the attention of buyer and sellers. It is your magazine, featuring only your products and services.

Do you run a local market and want to give your exhibitors more exposure? Why not let them advertise in your magazine and benefit from them paying for the printing costs? Not only will the magazine attract more people to the market, but your stand owners will certainly appreciate the opportunity to market their products.

Now that you know the possibilities of magazines, let’s have a look at ways to cut on the costs of printing:

  • Make sure your artwork is print-ready as this will save you time and costs.
  • Remember that on-screen colours are normally set in RGB colours. What you see on-screen and what is printed often differs significantly.
  • Send your artwork in CMYK colours to minimise the risk of print colour differences.

Make your magazine stand out with a great masthead. This is the magazine logo. You can also make use of our expertise for the professional design of a magazine logo that will give your magazine that special edge. The logo is normally located at the top of the cover page and this is what you want your readers to see first. It should be highly visible and easy to read.  Note that if the magazine is on a newsstand, the reader will only see the top part of the cover page and that’s why it is so important to use a clear and easy-to-read font that will attract attention.

Don’t waste any more time or money. Contact us today for professional and affordable on-demand magazine printing whether in Johannesburg or any other city or town in South Africa.

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