Canvas Printing in Johannesburg – The Way to Preserve Your Photos

Clear Colour Concepts offers highly professional canvas printing in Johannesburg. However, with our online order system and reliable couriers available, our services are no longer limited to Johannesburg. We can offer you the same competitive pricing and superior service delivery wherever you are in the country.

Why Canvas Printing?

Most people think of photographs on the walls as framed glossy pictures, but with modern printing technology we are able to print photos on art canvasses. This simply implies that the photos, instead of being framed and printed on glossy paper are directly printed onto a canvas medium and require no frames.

With canvas prints, the photos gain an immediate professional appearance. With no gloss sheen to affect the photo quality and details, you can clearly identify lines and contrast. With such the true artwork comes to its full right. The difference becomes clear when you compare a painted canvas to a poster. The poster is excellent for marketing purposes, but you’ll want the painting for aesthetic appeal, professionalism and because of its art character. If you thus want to add art to your office or home, but don’t want a painting, you can print your photos directly by making use of our affordable canvas printing services in Johannesburg.

Durability is another reason for opting for canvas printing. With the canvas the photo gains long lasting beauty. You don’t have the risk of the print becoming wrinkled, ripped of faded. In addition, if it is a photo in a frame you eliminate the risk of the glass cracking or breaking. If you want to cherish memories for a long time then canvas printing is the way to go.

Gain immediate three-dimensionality because the canvas stands out rather than being a framed photograph with its distinct flat surface. With such your images will attract more attention and admiration. No doubt canvas prints have revolutionised the way photos can be displayed. The cost-effectiveness of the technology is another reason for considering the canvas printing method.

Whether you are a professional photographer that wants to display your work, a tattoo artist, hairstylist or simply a homeowner wanting to cherish memories canvas prints are the trendiest and most affordable way to immediately create a professional and durable art-work.

It is, of course, essential to make use of professional printers such as Clear Colour Concepts to ensure that your photographs will be printed perfectly. View our full range of services and contact us for a quote today.

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