Lithographic Printing in South Africa – The Best Option for Large Volume Print Work

Clear Colour Concepts offers an extensive range of lithographic printing services in South Africa. This means that you can benefit from our low prices, fast and efficient services, professional expertise and the quality of lithographic printing anywhere in South Africa. Thanks to the internet, courier services and modern communication, you can thus order your print work even if you are situated in Nelspruit, Cape Town, Durban or any other town in the country. 

What is Lithographic Printing? 

We understand that industry jargon does not mean anything to you. For that matter, you don’t care which printing technique is used as long as it is affordable, fast, accurate, and perfectly suited for your particular print job. Nevertheless, it helps to understand what the process entails to ensure that you select the right type of printing method. Fortunately our experts will recommend the most suitable option to help you make an informed decision.

Lithography is also known as litho printing and it has a long history, but the basics entail a principle of printing based on the knowledge that water and oil simply don’t mix, and that the image and non-image areas should be at the same level on the surface. This means that the print surface is flat even after we have applied the printed matter.

With traditional litho printing, a flat stone undergoes a special treatment to ensure that the non-image areas repel the oil ink whereas the image areas attract such. Though it is an art form, the printing method is used widely today for commercial printing of maps, posters, magazines and any printing where large volumes are required.

The term lithography is today often used to describe offset print methods. The modern print method no longer uses flat stones, but special metal plates. We still use the same principles, just better technology, which allows us to print large volumes of work accurately. In the modern process, the image is indeed made of a special polymer coat which is then applied to the metal plate. The image can be transferred to flexible sheet for printing of magazine type publications or it can be done directly from the plate when it is then called offset printing.

The initial setup cost of litho printing is higher than with other modern techniques, such as digital printing, and is thus best applied for large printing jobs. We recommend the digital method for single or small volume document printing. Litho is the recommended method if you want high quality printing of large volumes of work that entail a lot of text and images. If speed is of the essence and you have a small print job we suggest digital printing.

Contact us today to make use of our specials on lithographic printing of books, magazines, maps, leaflets, and posters in South Africa.

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