Tips and the Best Leaflets Flyers Design & Printing Specials 

We offer regular leaflets or flyers design and printing specials, making it more affordable for you to get the specials in front of your target audience. The right design, however, means the difference between the flyer ending up in the dustbin unread or being kept for when the person needs to use your services or products. We provide a few tips below regarding leaflets or flyers design to help you make a good first impression.

Size Formats

The size format is dependent upon the content you want to add. Rather than trying to fit a lot of content onto one page, space the content over several pages if it is too much for a single or double sided unfolded flyer. Sizes are available in A6, A5 and A4 for leaflets. Anything bigger and you are no longer looking at a leaflet or flyer.  A5 and A6 sizes are the most popular for flyers or leaflets.

Plan Ahead

Draft and draft again, but at no stage should you just randomly write the words. Take a piece of paper and describe your audience and what you hope to achieve with the flyer. If you are not going design it yourself, the brief will help your designer create a flyer that will stand out and nail the message.

Headline for Success

Your headline should be big enough to stand out and you’ll want it to grab attention. You have less than three seconds to ensure that the receiver will keep the leaflet and actually read on.  Include the name of your special, service, product or attraction in the headline.

Clarity for Readability

Convey the message in as few words as possible. You want it to be memorable and to ensure that the message is not lost within paragraphs. Indeed, stay away from any paragraphs if you design a one or two page flyer. Ensure that the contact number, web address, and directions are clearly visible.

Quality Paper

Don’t compromise on paper. If the paper is of poor quality it will portray a message of “fly-by-night” marketing. You want to portray quality throughout to gain credibility with the audience.

Why will someone keep the flyer? 

You need to create incentive for keeping the flyer such as 30% discount on entrance when showing the flyer.


Even a small typo, grammar or spelling mistake can make you look completely unprofessional. Rule of thumb – read, wait at least three hours, and read again. Let someone else read through it and then ask the designer to do it again. Before you do the final print, read it again to ensure there are no mistakes.


Your pamphlet or leaflet should include elements to grab attention, incentive to act, desire and the eventual call to action.

We offer you the opportunity to get your message in front of your target audience at an affordable price. Our regular specials on 5000 A6 full colour leaflets, whether single or double sided on quality 115gsm gloss art paper, with free full colour reverse printing (based on art work supplied print ready), is a bargain. Our leaflets or flyer design and printing specials are available to you wherever you are in South Africa.

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