Brand Awareness in printing, Five Essential items for Creating Brand Awareness  Five Essential Items for Creating Brand Awareness   

Corporate Identity design is the first step towards building effective brand awareness. Apart from choosing an appropriate company name, developing a website and listing in every possible directory, your new company needs visual elements to create strong brand awareness. Five essential elements for brand awareness development through CI design, especially if your business is the new kid on the block, include:

  1. Business cards
  2. Email banners
  3. Signage
  4. Car magnets
  5. Promotional items 

Item 1: Business Cards 

Walk into any meeting or social gathering and discuss a few of the services you offer and it will not be long before someone asks for your business card. Not having one is simply a no-no and reflects poorly on your company’s professional image. Your first priority is to design and print high quality business cards for all your key employees. Personalise the cards for managers and sales people while you can create generic ones for the rest of your personnel. Here is an important tip – don’t compromise on quality!

Item 2: Email Banners 

With the majority of business written communication now taking place through electronic mail you will need to create a professional email banner that includes your contact details, logo and slogan. You do not want a banner that will take up a lot of bandwidth every time someone downloads an email and want it to fit perfectly in the email upper part so it can display even when the message is in the preview pane. Our team of professional designers is here to assist in creating a banner that will add value to your brand building strategy.

Item 3: Signage 

You want maximum visibility for your brand. This means investing in proper signage on canvas, vinyl, correx board for promotions, fridge magnets, indoor and outdoor banners. We offer highly competitive prices on all these items to help your brand stand out on the street and exhibitions, in the retail complexes and at sponsored events. 

Item 4: Car Magnets 

Promote your brand even when driving. Let us design and print clear and relevant brand specific car magnets for all your company vehicles. The magnets are far cheaper than having to re-spray or wrap the vehicles.

Item 5: Promotional Items 

Research has shown that branding with promotional items such as shirts, caps, corporate gifts and flags at sponsored events creates a positive feeling towards brands. Let the customers wear your brand wherever they go and benefit from free viral advertising opportunities.

Every day you delay in adding your corporate brand to items you lose out on opportunities to become highly visible. Contact us for immediate professional corporate identity design and print assistance to help you develop brand awareness.


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