Corporate-Identity IdentityHow to Choose the Logo in Corporate ID Design 

Corporate identity entails the overall image a business wants to portray and yet, so many entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to the corporate ID design aspect of starting their own business. Mistakes made during this phase can haunt a company for years and even mean the difference between long-term branding success and dismal failure from the start. 

Build a Successful Brand

Spend some time in considering factors that influence the success of your corporate ID and then get in contact with our print and design team to ensure a professional end-product that will give your firm the visual edge it needs to survive in this highly competitive business world of today. For now, let’s look at factors influencing the logo as part of corporate ID design. 

Industry Relevant

Bottom line, the logo on its own should be powerful enough to make a stand. Select a logo based on the message you want to portray to consumers and one that will help distinguish your brand from competitors. Make a list of keywords that describe your business, the sector in which it operates, and its culture and work. 

Colour and Visualisation

Next select a colour that is right for the type of business and sector. Ever noticed how two fast-food outlets can be located next to each other and sell almost the same menu, but the one is doing better regardless of service or product quality? Have you noticed the colours used? Red, yellow and orange are warm colours and are inviting. These colours appeal to the hunger pains and bring comfort food to mind.

Blue on the other hand, is normally associated with foods from the sea and unless you sell seafood, you should not go for blue in fast-food, since it is a cool colour and does not have the same appeal to the hungry stomach. The fast-food outlet using blue as its main colour will have to work extra hard to get customers in.

If your profession is law, colours such as burgundy, grey, black, dark blue and dark green are better because of the professionalism and power associated with these colours.  Do research rather than randomly selecting your favourite colour for the business identity. 

Font Type

The font is just as important. It should be a font associated with your specific industry. If you want to sell console or PC games, a futuristic or typical robotic font will do well. The same font will fail when it comes to a beauty parlour where a feminine and cursive font will work better. Serif type fonts work well if you want to create a traditional image, whereas sans-serif fonts work great for portraying a contemporary image. Be careful with symbols and font mixes. The symbol should not clash with the font selection. You want a cohesive look and feel. 

Symbol Choice

Speaking about symbols – be sure to select one that can be printed easily and does not need a lot of colours to work. You will be surprised how much money you can save in the long run if you select plain colours for your logo instead of a variety of colours. This is especially true when it comes to printing on promotional items. Think money, because that is the bottom line for any business.

Get it right the first time around. Contact us for professional design and print assistance.

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