Should You Invest in a Printing Device or Outsource the Print Work?

It is not always worth the investment in a printing device just to complete a specific printing job. Unless you are planning to print the particular types of print on a regular basis and can realise a profit from it, rather make use of professional printing services such as Clear Colour Concepts. 

Business Reports

We understand that you are most probably in a hurry, don’t want to spend days in correcting print work, and certainly do not want to spend a fortune on print work. Take for example, the dilemma of wanting to print reports for your business. You can invest in a printer specifically for the job, but do you have the expertise or personnel to ensure consistency, high-quality and completion of the job in a cost-effective manner?

The conventional alternative is to make use of a publishing house, but the problem is that a publisher will only take on large quantities and must ensure that they can profit from publishing the reports. Since the reports will be generated for a specific group or limited in numbers, they will not take on the job.

Thanks to advances in technology, we can offer you a more suitable solution called print-on-demand. We do not have to create a print plate and, as a result, the cost is lower. You can stipulate how many prints should be made and the master is stored digitally. Changes can be made at an affordable rate should you wish to keep your original lay-out, but only want to make content changes for the next print-run. It’s fast, economical, and consistent quality can be guaranteed. 

Business Cards

Sure, modern printing devices can print an exceptional range of products, but even with all the features available, there’s the question of bleeding lines, perfect alignment, double sided and gloss printing, as well as the selection of the material needed for the job. We take our job of creating master pieces seriously and since it is our main business, we also have the resources to ensure the best possible quality and the lowest possible price. You thus don’t have to invest in a printer simply to produce 500 full colour, gloss and professionally designed business cards, just place your order and if you need design work, you can rely on our team for a professional end-product. 

Decorative Prints

Once again – it boils down to whether you invest in the printing device or have the job outsourced. If you want to produce a full range of wall and decorative prints, it will be a substantial investment. Being in business you know that keeping capital lay-out and overheads to a minimum is essential for growth. You can therefore agree that it makes sense to making use of Clear Colour Concepts for all your printing needs.

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