Artwork is not just images put together, artwork is the total design, print consideration and printing finalisation of the file. The artwork requires an understanding of design principles and design necessities such as CMYK,  dpi, bleed, correct layout, correct colour use-age and correct use of text. If these are not adhered to we your artwork may not be correct. Simple rules like text size being too small or too close to the edge can affect your overall print.

Have a look at our simple guidelines, or contact our studio for a quote on artwork.

If you are supplying artwork for print, you need to keep in mind the following.

Jpg. artwork for print

This is the easiest way to supply artwork, if you are not a designer. This is the appropriate format when you have done artwork in word, excel or another non-mainstream design program. The file needs to be 300 dpi [the image needs to be high quality] with a 3mm bleed in  CMYK  [if you don’t know what that is, then you need do this for you].

Pdf. artwork for print

Your PDF needs to have 3mm bleed, with your images at 300 dpi in  CMYK  and your fonts need to be sent with, or you need to convert them to paths/curves. All Images with a cut-out shape and transparent background need to be made into a flat image with the background. All gradients made in a vector design program need to be converted to a 300dpi  CMYK  image. Should you need spot colours they should be clearly defined and stated.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Please note that we cannot always use the artwork from these files and because they are NOT design programs the quality of the image it cannot be guaranteed.  Please see Jpg. artwork for print above.

Corel Draw

Please send us your files with 3mm bleed, images at 300dpi CMYK and fonts converted to curves. Should you need spot colours they should be clearly defined and stated. Even though we work in Corel – your files may not be repro ready. If so we will inform you to resend, or charge you a repro fee.

Artwork not supplied correctly will be returned until correct or we can gladly set the item up for repro at our hourly rate.


You will always receive a proof from us before we go to print. You will need to check it and ensure that all the information is correct and agree that the document will be approved exactly the way you see it on the proof.

Colour Models and File formats


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