CCC-Debossed-LogoThe image is pressed onto material using both heat and pressure. The image is defined by a metal plate that is the exact replica of your logo or any other image. Once the image is debossed it creates a permanent depressed image on the item you have branded. This branding process is both subtle and classy and looks great on folders,  notebooks, business cards. Debossing can also be done on synthetic clothing.


Debossing Block

A metal block 
which is a direct replica in reverse of the image you wish to print. it can be used many times after the first time. is created once and paid for once, thereafter it will be used for reprints or other items that suit the block.

Products that are usually debossed are:

Business Cards, Folders, Leather and Leatherette items such as folders Folders, Diaries, Notebooks…


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